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"Lockdown III" - another unwanted sequel

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.......

So, here we are again and it is of course for the best, although hugely difficult and demanding, particularly for those with school age children, desperately trying to work from home, while grappling with schoolwork and fangled teaching methods of the type I am sure we didn't come across when we were at school. Slide rules, flying board rubbers and rather crusty old text books were more the order of the day back then.

And yet, as we start 2021 cooped up, fed up (in every sense of the phrase) and "definitely" committing to Dry January 2022, Captain Vaccine is mobilising his troops, and the fabled sunny uplands are beckoning, albeit a little farther away than we all had hoped.

Personally, I am taking the opportunity of a little enforced down time to freshen up the website, further improve the Watson Fox offer and to carry on with what we have for now, in the nether world of Zoom, Teams and "You are on mute Brian - we can't hear you".

So a very Happy New Year to you all and here's to face to face, real, human interaction as soon as we can.

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