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During my time in legal practice, little gave me as much pleasure as seeing young, and not so young, lawyers develop, grow and begin to fulfil their real potential. 

I have also worked with a few coaches over the years, some excellent, others less so. That has given me a very handy "user experience" - I know how it feels to be coached, mentored and analysed (enough already).

I continue to enjoy working with individuals, from students right through to partners, helping them progress their careers, develop their skills, build on strengths, identify and then address weaknesses.

This is all done in a friendly, positive, down to earth and practical way, with a refreshing absence of the usual jargon. As with all of my work, this is grounded in my own experiences as a lawyer, leader, board director and actor.

So do get in touch to discuss how I can help you and your team members move forward quickly and effectively to unlock their real potential.

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