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Where Andrew's industry knowledge, performing experience and renowned people skills will really inspire

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou

Course & Programme Topics: List


An absolutely crucial skill set for today's lawyers and one which has been learnt "on the hoof" for too long.

Lawyers need to be business leaders as well as good lawyers - our training courses and coaching in this key area include areas such as:

  • Building and leading high performing teams

  • Change Management

  • Coaching and mentoring skills

  • Effective delegation

  • Leadership skills

  • People management and development

  • Negotiation and influencing

  • Managing conflict


Without question, the number one gripe across all of the clients we have spoken to and worked with is - "Why don't they just give us what we want, rather than what they tell us we want?"

The keystone of the best client service - give them what they want. Our experience shows that this is missed, or ignored, time and again, so we will work with your lawyers and teams around areas such as:

  • KYC - what it really means

  • The most important client facing tools

  • Key Account Management

  • Under/Over - always!

  • Handling complaints

  • 'How was it for you?"


Lawyers are schooled from an early age to be careful, thoughtful and reserved. Highly appropriate in the context of technical legal advice - hopeless however when its comes to securing new business, cross-selling and marketing to prospects

Our training here covers the areas today's lawyers need to be entirely comfortable with, including:

  • The selling mindset

  • The life cycle of a pitch - from ITT to instruction

  • The Watson Fox Reverse Engineering of Sales Method

  • The importance of brand

  • Standing out from the crowd - without looking lonely

  • Developing a following


Communication in all its forms:​

  • Written

  • Verbal

  • Non-verbal

  • Visual

An absolute key for any lawyer but, again, often an optional extra when it comes to training and development.

Our courses here focus on clear, concise and effective communication, and the ability to translate the difficult into the understandable - something which sets great lawyers apart.


You want your lawyers to be driven and ambitious. Consequently, they will want to know that they are being properly developed along their particular career path.

We can work with them, and your wider teams, where learnings could include: 

  • Obtaining and dealing with feedback

  • Appraisals - the good, the bad, and the really ugly

  • People skills - in all their guises

  • How to listen (properly)

  • The Stress Monster - how to recognise and then tame it

  • Fees - never easy...

  • A route map?

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